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Silk…Satin…Velvet…Lace—do those words make your skin tingle, my sweet Sissies and Femmes?

Can you imagine the feel of them sliding over your skin, teasing you, caressing you, stroking over you in a slow, gentle glide? I know I can. I’m a Material Girl at heart, and I LOVE lingerie. I love the way it feels, I love the way I look in it, and I know you love the look and feel, too.

Today, I’m discussing the sheer sensual indulgence of lingerie.

The thrill of sliding on your favorite pair of thigh high stockings over freshly shaven legs; the cool, silken, gliding caress that strokes you slowly, tenderly as you raise those stockings up your legs, up your thighs…feeling it mold against you, flow lovingly over you, in a gentle, caressing tide you can relive every time you rub your lovely stockinged legs together…Mmmm it’s enough to make this Feminization FemDom squirm in her seat.

And how about your favorite sissy bra and panty set?

We can’t forget those can we? They help you look soooo feminine, darling. I’d love to hear about your favorite pair; or if you love lingerie as much as I do, we can compare collections. I’ve been on a bit of a Victoria’s Secret kick recently….I bought so many lovely bras, panties, stockings, garter belts, ect…all in preparation for my photoshoot. I didn’t realize they’d have wardrobe on site. All that lovely lingerie wasn’t needed; but I loved it too much to take it back, and I definitely haven’t let it go to waste. I’ve been giving myself a private fashion show for the past week and a half–a different lingerie outfit every day 😉

Just feeling those soft satin bits of seduction, silky stockings

And the faint rasp of lace on my panties or the edges of my bra is enough to make my skin tingle. I’m addicted to the feel and look of lingerie—and I know I’m not the only MaterialGirl at LDW. Tell me all about your love of beautiful things my dears–those sexy, silky bits of seduction and sin that make your hearts beat faster, that make you harden and tingle inside your pretty panties.

–And don’t forget your favorite pair of wicked, scandalously high heels

…The ones that help you sway your hips just that extra sexy bit when you walk… We want you to put your best stockinged foot forward don’t we? You know you can look & feel so incredibly, wonderfully feminine with the right wardrobe and accessories, and I’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll have soooo much fun playing dress up dears, and I’d love to hear all about your favorite outfits!

Listen as Mistress Lilly describes why she loves lingerie…