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Effective Immediately, gifts sent to the LDW address will no longer be forwarded to the intended recipient.

Instead, they will be returned at the sender’s expense. We know you like to shower your Mistress with gifts and you can still do that. Check with your Mistress to see if she has an alternative shipping address or whether she prefers eGift cards and/or virtual bouquets, instead.

Ms. Lilly's Virtual Avatar

With so many ways to spoil me, which one will YOU choose?

If you want to pamper your Princess, here are some ideas:

Amazon e-gift cards are fast, convenient, and versatile. I can use them for any number of fabulous gifts, from fashion, to floggers, to cruises, movies, and more. Amazon e-Gift Cards are Lady’s Choice on how your devotion will be used.

Amazon Allowance. Pamper your Princess with a one time or recurring gift that will allow you to take me shopping online. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like give a Mistress some retail therapy? Here’s your chance to make your dreams come true, while giving me one of my favorite gifts of all (You’ll need to be signed in to your Amazon account for it to work).

Not a fan of Amazon? No problem. Here are some other e-gift cards that I love:

Virtual Bouquets

Talk to dispatch and arrange to have some flowers sent to your Goddess in one of my favorite colors: Green. Choose the amount of flowers you’d like to send, and know that you’re helping to make my day better.

You can find even more ideas for Spoiling your Goddess here.